So, How Does This Work?

Calling all comedians! From Dec 16th to Jan 30th, you can make double your money when you upload a comedy video on LittleCast. From a stand-up performance to you dancing with cats, all “funny” videos are eligible. Just make something people want to buy. ;)

Got It. Now, What’s the Reward?

We’re matching the first TEN comedians to earn $1,000 with another $1,000. Just log in with Facebook, upload your video and share it. Do it now! This will go fast. Find out more about the contest terms on the LittleCast blog here.

Cool, What is LittleCast Anyway?

LittleCast is the easiest way to sell videos on Facebook. Why put your best stuff on YouTube for free when you can be paid for it? You deserve it. LittleCast is here to make your work more than just a hobby.

No Joke.

Upload a funny video, share it, earn $1K and we’ll match it.

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